Mount Malabar

Ethiopia and Yemen are seen as the mother soil for coffee. Many centuries after the presumed beginnings of its usage as a drink, species of the rubiaceae coffea were being successfully cultivated elsewhere for the first time – namely, on the Indonesian island of Java. While the Dutch colonial powers did not only bring about prosperity to that part of the world, today …


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Higashiya – serving, tea and sweets / Everything counts in small amounts

After sitting for several minutes with Yoko, getting acquainted over tea and crab cakes, my joy of finally being back in Japan and interacting with her rose to my upper body, resulting in me expressing how much I wish to learn Japanese. I am guessing that based on her culture and the fact that she does not … Continue reading Higashiya – serving, tea and sweets / Everything counts in small amounts

Sources of a Lifestyle

Being in Indonesia and Japan, visiting farmers, traditional and specialty coffee shops, tea houses, and experiencing cultures exotic to the western mind, is all exciting, satisfying and inspiring, indeed. It is an adventure, a spectacular event, and traveling is romantic in itself. This trip is nevertheless centered on merely better understanding the layers and details of … Continue reading Sources of a Lifestyle

Indonesia & Japan

Research and Workshops Coffee, Tea and Serving Cultures Supplier Acquisition Hospitality is the utmost dedication to serve, and our mission will be best achieved by understanding the substance and creation of our product. The consumption and to-go mentality that are prevalent in the United States of America, have spread throughout the global coffee culture during … Continue reading Indonesia & Japan

Deconstructing Guacamole

Creativity is a marvel. Manifested in works of countless musicians, painters, writers, etc., individual artistry is our constant inspiration. Besides the personal creations by tens of thousands throughout the history of mankind, we also benefit from products collectively created by cultural units. Science, too, is a marvel: sometimes igniting creativity, other times becoming the culmination … Continue reading Deconstructing Guacamole